Monday, July 7, 2014

Nutrition Bite: Eating Fat Does Not Make You Fat

We have all heard it. “Don’t eat that, it’s fattening.”  Which is usually followed by either a slap on your hand making you drop that cookie or a judgmental look.

Then we have heard that all of these foods are “fattening" and that you should not eat them...

Let's not forget one of my personal favorites…

Obviously, all of the above are wrong because the real culprit is spoons...

As a Dietitian this is especially frustrating, but I was delighted to come across an article that helps shed some light on this misconception.

Note: I have not read this book and am not endorsing this book in any way

As this article illustrates…

Eating fat or certain "fattening" foods will not necessarily make you fat. The same goes for carbs as well. Weight gain and body fat does occur over night, but is based on your long-term diet and physical activity habits. Are there some foods that are healthier than others? Certainly. Does that mean you should never eat those "unhealthier" foods? No, life is too short not to enjoy whatever "unhealthy" food that you love every once in a while. Well, I am off to ban spoons on campus. Until next time!

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