Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Food Trend Watch: Seltzer Water

I try my best to be cool and hip these days and stay on top of the next big trends. I mean I wore Crocs way before they were even "cool."    

In terms of food trends, one of the ones that I have been on to for a while has been seltzer water.  After having been spotted by my entourage of paparazzi with a can of one recently, its popularity has spread like wild fire! The scene was a little like this…

 Ok so I MAY have embellished a little…but only about the whole wild fire thing J Anyways, seltzer water has been trending recently according to this article, so I figured I would give you the 411 on them.

What is seltzer water?
Essentially seltzer water is carbonated water. It can also be referred to as sparkling water, club soda, soda water, or the ever so eloquently name, fizzy water.  Ok so maybe there are some minute differences between them, but for this blog I am just going to generalize them all under one umbrella. If you really want to get technical about it, just read this article ok? Most of the brands try to make themselves sound real fancy,exotic with names such as La Croix, Perrier, and San Pellegrino, but even Dasani has jumped in on this trend with Dasnai Sparkling. 

Nutrition of seltzer waters
Seltzer water offers the same health benefits as regular water. Most contain no calories, sodium, or artificial sweeteners.  Now, they do make some flavored seltzer waters, most of which do not contain any calories or artificial sweeteners, but be sure to check out the ingredient list.  Don’t ask me how they actually flavor the water without adding calories, I am not a magician and therefore do not know.

Do you ever get tired of drinking plain water (assuming that you are all drinking enough water and not sodas)? Are you trying to ween yourself from soda? Do you want to be cool or pretend to be fancy? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, seltzer water is for you!

Breaking it down
Basically drinking seltzer water is like drinking regular water. It is not just for fancy, pretentious people who wear top hats to bed just for giggles. However, I just want to caution you so that this doesn’t happen to you:

Well I am off to evade my paparazzi entourage…

Until next time!

Keep it Fresh,
Keep it Green,


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