Monday, September 15, 2014

Natural Sweeteners: Should You or Shouldn't You?

Ahh…fall weather is finally upon us! How can I tell you ask? Well there is the whole slightly cooler temperatures thing, but mostly  because of the return of the infamous psl…

The return of both of these things only mean one thing, longer lines at the cafés. I will admit that I do enjoy a good psl myself, however I limit myself to one (or two if I am good) per season. Yes, they are delicious but they still pack in quite a bit of calories and sugar, so I stick to plain old coffee. Today while waiting in line at the café pretending to be doing something important on my phone (read: checking Facebook), I “overheard” people discussing natural sweeteners.  Was I eavesdropping? Maybe, but to my defense there was nothing new on my Facebook feed since I had checked it 15 minutes earlier and I am only mildly entertained by the same pictures of so and so’s baby, so and so’s engagement, and so and so’s wedding the first time I see them. Anyways, the people I “overheard” talking about natural sweeteners were a bit misguided so I thought I would take this golden opportunity to enlighten you all on them.

Instead of me writing about them, I found this video to be pretty legit. Perhaps a tad drab, but I am not sure how anyone except for Michael Bay could make this entertaining.

Yes, these sweeteners are more natural/do not undergo as much processing compared to white sugar and artificial sweeteners, but they are still sugar, which should be consumed in moderation. Along those lines, natural sweeteners should be used to replace sugar in food or beverages that you would actually put sugar in. For example, putting honey in tea instead of sugar; not dipping your sushi in honey. Until next time!

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